Sales of New & Refurbished Centrifuges & Process Plant & Equipment.

We offer a bespoke service to the Process Industries.

CES can offer New & fully refurbished and upgraded Centrifuges and Process Plant and Equipment in any size, material, and manufacture. Along with this we offer a full installation and commissioning service which is backed up by our Service Dept for a full callout out and repair service.

Refurbished Centrifuge & Process Equipment.

CES can refurbish your existing equipment, or we can source your required process plant and offer our services to strip and report, or supply the equipment fully refurbished and guaranteed.

Various types of Centrifuges.

Vertical Basket Centrifuges can be supplied Halar Coated, Rubber Lined, stainless steel, hastalloy, or titanium. The operation of the Centrifuge can be automatic with PLC or manual using pneumatic speed selector box. The drive of the Centrifuge can be either electric or hydraulic, the old hydraulic centrifuges can be upgraded up to electric drive for operation in hazardous or safe areas. Vertical Basket Centrifuges, supplied in various sizes, material, and process options. This type of Centrifuge is very adaptable for a wide range of slurries and chemical processes, this is because they can operate at 3 or 4 differing and fully adjustable speeds that are increased or decreased using either a VFD Inverter, or a Hydraulic powerpack.
Solid Wall Decanter Centrifuges are fully refurbished which includes all new bearings and seals, scroll inspection and hard facing of flights if required. Solid Wall Decanter Centrifuge, supplied in various sizes, material, and process options. This type of Centrifuge comes in either 2 phase Decanter, or 3 phase Tricanter separation, and can process a high % of solids in slurries with a large or small particle size.
Pusher Type Centrifuges come is many manufacturers like Siebtechnic, BP, Alfa Laval, Krausse Maffei and many more. Pusher Type Centrifuge, 2 or 3 stage pushers supplied in various sizes, this machine was fully refurbished mechanically and hydraulically and supplied with a new control panel, the Centrifuge was installed in the Animal Pharmaceutical Industry.
Pressure Filter Driers in side discharge or bottom discharge, manufactured in many exotic materials for differant applications. Manufactures include  Rosenmund, Cogiem, Charles Thomson. Pressure Filter Driers, supplied in various sizes, material, and process options. Manufacturers include Rosenmund, Cogiem, Charles Thomson, this particular FD is a Rosenmund in Hastalloy ready for full refurbishment and new Controls to be installed in a GMP Pharmaceutical API Munufacturing Plant in Ireland. Upgrades can be carried out from Hydraulic drives to Electrc drives and new Touch Screen Controls.
Disc Stack Centrifuge separators or clarifiers, manufacturers include Alfa Laval, Westfalia, Flotwegg, Seital. Disc Stack Centrifuge, can be either separators, clarifiers, solids retaining or self-cleaning depending on the industry. This type of Centrifuge is used predominantley on processes with small amounts of solids 1% – 2%, and only small particles down to 1 micron and lower. They can be used on liquid / liquid separation, liquid / solid clarification, and liquid / liquid / solid separation on a continuous basis, and can get up to 20,000 ‘G’ separating force.
Horizontal Basket Peeler Type Centrifuge Horizontal Basket Peeler Type Centrifuge, used mainly in the Pharmaceutical industry. This type of Centrifuge can be supplied GMP, CIP, and ¬†fully automated. There are 2 options of machine, this can be the perforated basket filtration type Peeler, or the Siphon type Peeler which has a very effective liquor extraction due to the siphoning action creating a vacuum under the product cake and ‘sucking’ the liquors through the cake as well as using the applied ‘G’ force.
Plate & Frame Press Plate & Frame Press, used in many industries for general filtration where drier solids are not important. Filtration is based on the slurry being pumped into the press, and then via internal passages onto the face of the filter cloth attached to the plates. Filtration depends on the size of the plates, the pressure of the pump, and the filter media size. the solids are removed by parting the plates which reveals the solids to be either manually or automatically removed.